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From here, you have the power to manage your community's activities, from submitting reviews for your commerce websites to hosting giveaways and gathering suggestions to enhance your guild.

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Chosen Ones

Dive deeper into the intricacies of the plugins we've carefully selected to feature. Explore in-depth details and insights on these standout additions that can elevate your experience.

type /assemble

Engagement & Fun

Begin by typing '/assemble' in Discord and select 'Engagement & Fun' from the menu to enhance your guild management.

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Good Karma
Help Improve

Discover specific plugins to steer your service or community in the right direction, guided by valuable community feedback.

type /assemble

Review Plugin

Make your voice heard, and support community admins or enhance services you cherish by sharing your honest opinions and valuable insights.

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Fresh Eyes
Breathe New Life

Discover specific plugins to empower your community's voice, because sometimes a fresh perspective is just what's needed.

type /assemble

Suggestion Plugin

Enable your community to offer suggestions; further interaction through a discussion button, and allow admins the ability to accept or deny them.

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For Programmers
Developers Unite

Discover specific plugins to empower your community developers, allowing them to collaborate on code-related issues.

type /assemble

Snippet Plugin

Allow community members to share and discuss code while granting admins the authority to verify and decide the codes legitimacy.

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You Get One
Oprah Style

Discover specific plugins crafted to help you create a culture of generosity while effortlessly managing and organizing giveaways.

type /giveaway create

Giveaway Plugin

Create highly personalized giveaways, tailored to your preferences, including duration, winner selection, and every detail in between.

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Major upgrade imcoming! We're working on Guilda Dashboard v2, which will simplify everything.

No more in-Discord commands and manual configurations – it's all about the new dashboard! We don't have an exact release date yet, but we'll keep you in the loop.

Stay tuned for updates! Thank you for being part of the Guilda community! 🚀