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Ensure a secure and organized guild with our moderation plugins. Create rules, filters, and monitor server activity effortlessly. Keep your guild members safe while maintaining order and a warm welcome for newcomers.

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Chosen Ones

Dive deeper into the intricacies of the plugins we've carefully selected to feature. Explore in-depth details and insights on these standout additions that can elevate your experience.

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Begin by typing '/assemble' in Discord and select 'Moderation & Guild' from the menu to enhance your guild management.

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Warm Welcome
Members Matter

Discover specific plugins designed to create a welcoming environment, making your members feel right at home.

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Welcome Plugin

Make sure your members feel at home and provide instant information, fostering a warm and informed community for everyone.

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No Peeping Toms
No Loopholes

Discover specific plugins designed to implement security protocols, preventing members from abusing your guild.

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Alt-Prevention Plugin

Safeguard your guild's integrity by preventing members from rejoining with alt accounts post-ban, ensuring a secure and harmonious community.

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Moderate in Style
Memes are Better

Discover specific custom plugins if you prefer a more lighthearted approach to moderation and having some fun along the way.

type /assemble

Moderation Plugin

Enhance your moderation embeds with images, GIFs, and custom embed colors for a visually appealing and informative touch.

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Never Miss Anything
Loggin' Like a Pro

Discover specific plugins designed to align your community and ensure everyone is on the same page.

type /assemble

Advanced Logs Plugin

Secure your community's integrity with comprehensive logging to foster transparency and eliminate doubts or questions.

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Defend your Guild's
Honor with Guilda Bot

Try Guilda Bot's free version. There's no harm. 💙



Major upgrade imcoming! We're working on Guilda Dashboard v2, which will simplify everything.

No more in-Discord commands and manual configurations – it's all about the new dashboard! We don't have an exact release date yet, but we'll keep you in the loop.

Stay tuned for updates! Thank you for being part of the Guilda community! 🚀